These ancient life forms blanket the forest floor, climb over trees and live in the canopy. Ferns are a unique group of plants that belong to the Pteridophyta family. They have wide leaves called fronds that are made up of smaller leaves known as fiddleheads. Nyungwe National Park has a an abundance of ferns that populate the forest floors.  Marattia fraxinea is a terrestrial fern widespread in western Nyungwe. Asplenium mildbraedii is a ground fern widespread in Nyungwe. Asplenium dregeanum is an epiphytic fern in mountain rainforests and widespread in Nyungwe. Cyathea manniana is the most common tree fern with the ability to grow 6m tall but prefers to grow in undisturbed locations. Cyathea dregei is another popular fern that grow along paths all over Nyungwe. Many of these native ferns are endemic species to the Albertine Rift.