If you visit at the right time and you look closely, you can see lots of orchids in the park.  The biology and beauty of the Orchidaceae family has attracted botanists and tourists alike. Known for their beautiful flowers, orchids are a dynamic and diverse group of plants that tend to thrive in tropical forests. Many orchids are endangered due to the deforestation in many tropical area. Luckily, Nyungwe National Park has over 140 species of orchids that bloom all over the forest.


Rwanda has 8 species of orchids that are endemic. Polystachya virginea  is a native plant that grows exclusively in the Albertine Rift. Bulbophyllum expallidum,  Eulophia horsfellii, Calanthe sylvaticaCynorchis kassneriana, are all commonly found in the peat bogs and roadside all throughout the forest.


For more information on the orchids of Nyungwe, please check out WSEB Orchids.

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