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The trees of Nyungwe forest include large species such as Entandrophragma excelsum in the Mahogany family, tree ferns (Cyathea manniana), and many species of herbaceous ferns. For a list of Albertine Rift endemics found in Nyungwe.

Deep in the south west within the albertine rift area is the nyungwe national park, home to the region’s largest and oldest remaining patches of mountain rain forest and a number o eco-systems form rain forest, bamboo, grassland, swamps and bog habitats. It protects one of the region’s largest and oldest remaining patches of montane rain forest and is home o 310 species of birds. This park is the most important ornithological site in Rwanda. It is increasingly being sought out for the incredible birding opportunities, particularly the numerous albertine rift endemics; the highest concentration found n any single park in Africa. There are more than 240 tree species, more than 140 colorful orchids, 1050 plant types, such as the giant lobelia. Of these plants 250 are albertine rift endemics. Mount bigugu is the highest mountain in the park, reaching an altitude of 2950m. Also with in the park, is the most remote source of the Nile.