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Uwinka Overlook

The Uwinka Overlook is the principal Reception Center for Nyungwe. From the Uwinka parking lot visitors climb a flight of stairs to the overlook, a flat hill housing the reception center, the interpretation center and a canteen and handicrafts center.

The Reception Center is where a park guide will greet visitors and provide an overview of the trails, attractions, and facilities offered.

The centerpiece to our beautiful reception center is the Interpretation Center, which uses eight different display panels and a “tree of life” sculpture to tell the story of the majestic Nyungwe National Park.


Uwinka is positioned about halfway between the eastern and western entrances of the Park and is the trailhead for several hikes in Nyungwe’s spectacular high mountain cloud forest, including the Canopy Walkway Attraction.

Uwinka is the highest point on the Huye-Rusizi down and across the Bururi Valley, some of the finest trees in the park are located here and four entrancing waterfalls.