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As it is known, Nyungwe Forest National Park is habituated by lots of flora and fauna, It is also a home to Colobus monkeys (also referred to as The Angolan Colobi Monkeys). Apart from Chimpanzees, several species of monkeys make the forest, a primates’ home. They are the largest grouping primates in the world so far!

At the forest, expect to track / view several types of monkeys as well as; the Rwenzori colobus that keep in groups of about 300 members in a single group, two faced monkeys, mona and blue monkeys, velvet monkeys red tailed monkeys, grey checked and so many other interesting unique types. All these can be viewed from the forest alongside the Colobus monkeys.

These animals can sometimes be seen along the roadside as you drive through the forest, though in some cases they can be traced from deep inside the woods.Driving through Nyungwe Tropical rain forest is a beautiful experience that comes price less but to enjoy the tourism activities ( hiking, forest canopy walk, chimpanzee tracking, colobusmokeys trekking, camping, waterfalls visits) come with a price which of course isn’t cheap and not as expensive as gorilla trekking adventures.

Though these monkeys keep in large groups of about 400 members, a smaller group can be seen near the tea plantation. It‘s quite a good experience to trek Colobus Monkeys over the chimpanzees (Apes)because they are more docile, move less as compared to the chimps that move so fast and can only be seen for a second. The baby colobus monkeys are born white and remain so till 3months when they start changing colour.

To track Colobus monkeys, you will be grouped in groups of 5-10 according and it is quite easy locating these creatures as they move less and keep in the trees and can even be seen within 15minutes. The tour guides and trackers are always aware of which places they stay most and which trees they eat from. It is such a wonderful thing viewing the mother colobus monkeys with their white babies playing and flying in the trees of Nyungwe Tropical rain forest.

If you are planning for a Rwanda safari featuring colobus Monkeys’ trek, your dressing gear shouldn’t be neglected ( long thick trousers, long sleeved shirt for protection against insects i.e.nettles that live in the jungle, hat, raincoat for it is a rain forest, packed lunch, water, walking stick, and many other important items that you may need to bring with you.The Black and White monkeys’ tracking permits are always provided at the Rwanda Development Board (RDB) at; reservation@rwandatourism.com