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There are several options for your stay at Nyungwe Forest.  There are camping facilities at Uwinka, if tourists choose to stay the night in the forest. There are also limited number of rooms in a small cabin at Uwinka that may be available to rent. Tourists should plan to bring their own food with them for their stay at Uwinka in the forest. Proceed to Gisakura and the PCFN office to check in and reserve a campsite or cabin space at Uwinka. Tourists may also stay at the guest house in Gisakura, and return each day to hike in the forest, an easy 40 minute drive.
Lastly, there are several hotels and restaurants in Cyangugu, a town about an hour drive from Gisakura along the border with DRC.

Gisakura Guest House is just outside the forest and offers basic but comfortable accommodation and the new accommodation in Nyungwe is the Nyungwe Forest Lodge, a more expensive but very nice luxery place to stay.

Accommodations in and around Nyungwe.

Currently, the options in or near Nyungwe National Park are limited to the following:


The Nyungwe Forest Lodge was opened in mid-2010 as the first five star establishment in the region. It was built to blend in with the surrounding environment and is situated in a tea plantation on the edge of the Nyungwe closed canopy rain forest.

The Nyungwe Top View Hill Hotel opened in early 2011 and offers one of the most commanding views of Nyungwe and Lake Kivu in the distance. The hotel offers most 12 self contained units with 4 twin and 8 queen size bed apartments, as well as a bar and restaurant with a spectacular panoramic terrace view. For further information:  +250 788 772 087. Email: reservations@nyungwehotel.com

The Gisakura Guesthouse is the next option – a simple, clean establishment with shared bathrooms – that is attached to the Wildlife Conservation Society’s (WCS) research station. The guesthouse includes a small restaurant  more like a dining room; cosy. Call: 078-8675051  for further information or write to ghnyungwe@yahoo.com. Reviews can be found onTripAdvisor.com.


Uwinka Visitor Center

This is probably the most convenient location for campusers who plan to hike in the Uwinka area. It has two secluded campsites with pleasant picnic gazebos, a toilet, and a shower. Firewood and water can be supplied upon request. The canteen sells snacks and soft drinks, but campers should arrive early with a hearty supply of food and water.

Wilderness Campsites

For the intrepid, outdoorsy traveler or those who want to experience nightfall and early mornings in the Park, arrangements can be made at any tourist reception center to reserve a trail-side campsite and an overnight guide. These campsites are basic, as you would want them to be in the wilderness. Your guide will help you arrange firewood, but it is advisable to bring your own water on all overnight treks. Supplies for camping must be provided by the tourist (Sleeping bags, tents, etc).  And you’ll need to pack in(and out) your own food and drinks.

Summit of Mt. Bigugu
There is one campsite that can accommodate four people near the summit (2950 m) of Mount Bigugu, Nyungwe’s highest peak and home to the Park’s communications facility. The one-way distance to the summit is 6.6 km. Bring your own water.

Summit of Mt. Ngabwe
There is one campsite, with a shelter and pit toilet, on the summit of Mount Ngabwe (2763m).  The views are excellent—perfect for sunrise, sunset, and spectacular displays of the night sky. Distance, one-way, is about 2 km to the summit. Bring your own water.

Congo-Nile Divide Trail
Three campsites were developed in 2009 to accommodate multi-day trips. The campsites are 14 km, 28 km, and 36.5 km respectively from the trailhead on the main road. See description of the Congo-Nile Divide Trail for more details.

All bookings should be made with the park office.

Do Not Litter, Carry out whatever you take in.