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Nyungwe offers 13 hiking trails, some with tongue-twisting names. Try pronouncing “Igishigishigi” quickly, which is the name of an easy 1.7 km trail that begins near the Uwinka Reception Centre. By the way, Igishigishigi means tree fern. The trails range from easy to difficult and from 1.7 kms to 42 kms in length.

Nyungwe Trails Map

Park Guides are required for all walks and hikes through Nyungwe.


Hiking Trails from Uwinka Reception Centre


Trail name  


Ave. hrs walking Start time  Observations
Imbaraga 9.8 km 6 h 9am Four waterfalls and great viewpoints
Igishigishigi 2.1 km 1 h 30 8am / 10am / 1pm /


Canopy walk views



2.1 km


2 hours


8am / 10am / 1pm / 3pm


Forest view from the forest canopy

Umugote 3.6 km 3 h 9am / 1pm Viewpoints on the west of the forest
Mount Bigugu 6.6 km 6h 9am The highest point (2950m), 1 camping site
Kamiranzovu swamp 5.9km 3.5h 9am / 1pm Enjoying viewpoints in a 13km swamp with a variety of orchids
Irebero 3.5km 3 h 9am / 1pm Viewpoints, birds…
Umuyove 5.6 km 4h 9am / 1pm 1 waterfall,  forest canopy( mahogany trees)
Rukuzi  9.1km 5h 9am Viewpoints to the village
Source of the Nile trail 2 km 1:30 h 9 am Visiting new furthest source of the Nile Gisovu


Hiking Trails from Gisakura Reception Centre

Trail name  


Ave. hrs walking Start time  Observations
Isumo  (Kamiranzovu waterfall) 5.3 km (x2) 4 hours 9am / 1pm Crosses the large tea plantation
Karamba 2km 3 hours 8am / 1pm Good for bird watching.
One and Only Nyungwe house trail 5km 1h30 h 8am / 1pm Bird watching  and great view points
Ndambarare Waterfall 9.6 km 3h30 hours 9 am,1pm Different view point tea factory tea plantation

Rwenzori Turaco

Good to know:

  • Raincoats, boots and walking sticks are available from the reception
  • All Nyungwe hikes are classified as hiking in protected area/National Park.
  • Animals live in their natural habitat
  • Guide and permit are needed

Most of the websites and contacts about Nyungwe Forest online are not official park websites and the information is sometimes wrong and not reliable.

We recommend that you contact the tour operators listed, for further information, click here.