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Nyungwe boasts many hiking trials, bird watching spots and local wildlife. Below are the links to many different brochures that show you all of the hidden treasures within Nyungwe National Park.

General Brochure

Containing maps, diagrams and pictures of the local flora and fauna, this guide will give you an introduction to the beautiful Nyungwe National Park. It offers a background on the biodiversity, local cultures and amenities within the parks borders.

Birding Brochure

Nyungwe National Park is known for their colorful endemic species. Located all over the park, the birds are a sight to see. This guide will help you spot some of the most famous species in the forest.

Congo Nile Divide Trail Brochure

A multi-day trek, this hike winds between the Congo and the Nile river basins. Designed for experienced hikers, this trail shows off the wild side of Nyungwe National Park.

Igishigishigi Trail Brochure

Named for the giant tree ferns that line this trail, this hike combines walking along the ground with the high viewpoints of the Canopy Trail. A series of bridges will take you over the tops of the trees for a uniquely stunning view of the park.

Karamba Trail Brochure

Noted as one of the best birding trails, this hike is a local favorite. This relatively easy hike gives you a full 360-degree view of the park.

Umugote Trail Brochure

The Umugote Trail is a moderate hike that gives you a gorgeous view of the most pristine part of the rain forest. The hike takes you up the side of a mountain and back through a valley to show off the forest’s biodiversity. On a clear day, the ridges of mountains in Burundi can be seen.

Uwinka Trail Brochure

White heart shaped flowers called Cincinnoblotrys oreophila, a true rain forest flower, line the pathways of this trail. Even though it is rated as a difficult climb due to it’s length, this trail is nicknamed “the most beautiful trail”.

Umuyove Trail Brochure

One of the most popular hikes in the park, this trail is relatively short but filled with beautiful views of waterfalls and orchids. Umuyove means Mahogany–many of these trees line the trail.

Irebero Trail Brochure

Irebero, meaning ‘place to observe from,’ is a medium trail that loops around two of the highest peaks in the park. The trail is designed to show you a stunning view from a high altitude, so you will be able to gaze onto Rwanda’s borders and view Lake Kivu.

Imbaraga Trail Brochure

Looking for a challenge? This trail travels through the various terrains within the park. With breathtaking views of the Bururi Valley, this trail is only for experienced hikers.

Bigugu Trail Brochure

Hikers who wish to see the Red-collared Mountain Babbler will put this trail at the top of their list. Located high on the peak of the Bigugu Mountain, this trail boasts a colorful array of the park’s famous flora.

Isumo Trail Brochure

Coined the “waterfall trail,” this trail leads through brilliant tea fields located on the base of a waterfall. Native butterflies and fauna love to inhabit this land, leading to a very photogenic trail.

Kamiranzovu Trail Brochure

This trail takes you through the ancient swamp of Nyungwe. Hikers will find plenty of vantage points that show off the brilliant waterfalls, waterways and marshlands located between two of the park’s largest peaks.

Muzimu Trail Brochure

Located in the remote northeastern part of the park, this leisurely hike takes viewers through pine and eucalyptus forests for a view of the rounded and exposed summits.

Ngabwe Trail Brochure

This moderate trail is noted as the best place to test lung capacity while you decent into on of Nyungwe’s ravines. Local flora and fauna are abundant on this trail, showing off the biodiversity located within the Albertine Rift.

Rukuzi Trail Brochure

One of the park’s most exhilarating hikes, this trail is designed to give visitors a lovely viewing of the chimpanzees who have made this beautiful area their home. A fairly difficult hike, this trail gives the feeling of being airborne due to the continuous vistas along the trail.