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This is an isolated area annexed from the Nyungwe national park but it remains part of the park. The vegetation much more dense with few clearings than those in Nyungwe national park.Cyamundongo covers an area of 4 square kilometres and is situated between Gisakura and Rusizi, close to the town of Nyukabuye, 20km from Bugarama.

Several primates inhabit the forest including Dent’s Mona monkey, L’Hoest monkey and a troop of more than 25 chimpanzees montane forest. The forest still shelters a few rare species that are not to be found in Nyungwe National park, such as a new purple orchid polystachiaBruechertiae, which was discovered in 2008.

Birdwatching in Cyamudongo Forest Rwanda

Cyamudongo forest holds the only Rwanda record of Red-thighedSparrowhawk along with many species typical of the Albertine Rift forests, including KungweApalis and Ross’s Turaco. The forest has four species of the Guinea-Congo Forests biome, 8 of the 24 species of the Albertine Rift Mountains Endemic Bird Area and 33 of the 74 species of Afrotropical High lands biome that occur in Rwanda.

Among other wildlife include the globally threatened Common Chimpanzee (man’s closest relative), a high density of butterfly species and much more.