Nyungwe is most alluring for its primates. There are thirteen species in all, including humankind’s closest living relative the chimpanzee, the handsome L’Hoest’s monkey and hundred-strong troops of the delightfully acrobatic Angola Colobus. view more

The most important ornithological site in Rwanda, Nyungwe harbors almost 300 bird species of which two dozen are restricted to a handful of montane forests on the Albertine Rift. The avian highlight of Nyungwe is the Great Blue Turaco—an outlandish blue, red and green bird which streams from tree to tree like a procession of streamlined psychedelic turkeys. Some northern birds migrate to Nyungwe for the winter, like the European bee-eater Merops apiaster. view more

Nywngwe is also home to many different arthropods and mammals. Driver ants may seem like forest pests, but they are one of Nyungwe’s most important carnivores. They’ll eat anything in their path, including snakes, birds, and mammals. Lots of mammals besides monkeys live in the park, including cats like the serval.